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The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone Screenshot The Dark Zone Screenshot

The Dark Zone is a conversion to Kingpin of the Quake1 map The Dark Zone.
This is a smallish DM map with several rooms/areas and four teleports scattered around the map including one in a semi secret room.
It has ample weapons, armour and the usual items and 10 player spawns. It uses a mixture of standard and custom textures and a standard sky.

Bodies Remake 2012

Bodies Remake 2012 Screenshot Bodies Remake 2012 Screenshot

Bodies Remake 2012 is a remake of the Bodies map which was made for Kingpin in 1999. Originally Bodies was a DM map for the game Blood and Blood2. The original Kingpin version of Bodies was a huge map and my remake is a lot smaller. It's still large though and can easily fit a large crowd. There are two main areas connected by corridors and two levels to play on. There are ample weapons and other items and plenty of player spawns.
The map includes a few custom textures and some nice cloloured lighting.

Ruler Arena

Ruler Arena Screenshot

I thought it was time to make another in the series of Frag'N'Die maps so here is the latest offering.
Ruler Arena is a small arena style map. Two levels, lots of weapons, mostly standard KP textures and fourteen player spawns.
Should be able to have some fast fragging in this one =)
I named it Ruler Arena after Mr Ruler, who along with players like {GA}Cleo and {DKC}Dodge, have breathed some like back into Kingpin by running servers, organising Facebook groups, being in the servers playing themselves and encouraging other ppl to play too. It's good to see so many ppl coming back to KP and maybe even a few new players.

Coliapy Junior 2013

Coliapy Junior 2013 Screenshot Coliapy Junior 2013 Screenshot

This is a remake of a very old map. What I did with this map is rebuild it from scratch and add a lot more lights. I also added juniors for directional lighting as there were none in the original map. I added two similar textures to the already existing ones and choose a slightly darker ceiling texture.
When I had decompiled the original map I found that there were way too many weapons and armour so I removed some of them and rearranged where they all were in the map.
I also fixed the old misspelling of the cooling mod issue, that occured in early maps, and so there are now two of them that show up in the map. There are also two deadguys on the floor that didn't show up in the original map due to another error. I tried to not change the map too much so that it feels like playing the original map only with it being a lot lighter and with the added cooling mods.

The map itself is a largish one enclosed room map with lots of columns spread throughout the room and tboth the walls and the columns are covered in graffiti. There are lots of different coloured lights throughtout the map. Even though I removed some there are still lots of weapons, ammo and armour and I added a couple of health bags as there were none in the original map.
I also added a pack and an adrenaline.
There are thirteen player spawns.

Junk Flea Tribute Map

Coliapy Junior 2013 Screenshot Coliapy Junior 2013 Screenshot

This is a deathmatch map I made which is based on the Junk Flea map from the game called Combat Arms. It's a small to medium sized map set in a junk yard. There are two buildings at either end of the map.
One of the main features are the crates that you can run through in the middle of the map.
There are sixteen spawns and plenty of weapons and other items.
Hypov8 helped with this map and did a great job and made it a much better map.

Joy 2013

Joy 2013 Screenshot Joy 2013 Screenshot

I found this old map called Joy and thought it would be a fun map to play. It had a few issues which I fixed and then released the map as Joy 2013. It's just a fun arena style map with a big open area and a small accessible building at hte side.

Gothic Revenge 2013

Gothic Revenge 2013 Screenshot Gothic Revenge 2013 Screenshot

Next I updated the old deathmatch map Gothic Revenge.
We had been playing this map a bit and Zod pointed out that it only had four player spawns. Tha's not nearly enough so when I finally got some free time I decided to overhaul the map and give it a lot more spawns.

Gothic Revenge was originally made for Quake2 by Renegade. It's a typical Quake2 style map thatis medium sized. It was then converted to Kingpin and, if you know the map, you will remember that all the original Quake2 textures were retained.

For the remake I used all stock Kingpin textures (mainly from KPDM2) and standard sky, changed the weapon and item placement, increased the player spawns to fourteen, did some very minor structural changes and added some boxes.

Hypov8 also helped with the map and, as usual, his input made it a better map :).

Thunder Arena 2013

Thunder Arena 2013 Screenshot Thunder Arena 2013 Screenshot

This is a small deathmatch map originally converted to KP from Quake3 by Retard Man. The map was never released for some reason. I found it in my maps folder and, with Hypov8's help, fixed a few errors (such as the hmg not showing up in map) and did some other improvements like adding weather effects, cutting down the number of brushes, adding more spawn points etc and finally now releasing it in 2013 :)
Hypov8 also added another cool weather effect but you'll have to download the map to see what it is :P .

DMTNT 2013

Thunder Arena 2013 Screenshot Thunder Arena 2013 Screenshot

Me and Hypov8 decided to update the old DMTNT map and have now released the updated version. The original map was made for the demo and so only had the pistol and shotgun.
There are a few nice structural changes but the main change is that all weapons and other items are now included..


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