Kingpin Maps

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KFG Arena 1 (ver.2)

KFG Arena 1 Screenshot KFG Arena 1 Screenshot

The reason I worked on this map is because [K|F|G]Vhite, asked me if I could revise a map his friend, [K|F|G]Joint, had made called KFGDM1. He wanted it retextured using the KPDM5 texture set.
The main change is the retexturing of course. The original had mainly one brick texture throughout the map whereas it now features the KPDM5 texture set. There are also lots of other small changes like some weapon/item placement changes, adding some juniors, minor structural changes etc.

Boink (ver.2)

Boink Screenshot Boink Screenshot

I updated/revised the old Boink map which was originally made by Sureshot. Boink is a small, cartoonish map which was made for 1v1 play. It only had four spawns and the only weapons are pistol mods, HMGs and Flamers.
I added several more player spawns, a heap of weapons and items, lightened the map up and added a custom sky and made it easier to get up the ladders in the map.

Night Ride

Night ride Screenshot Night ride Screenshot

This one is a map converted from SiN. The map was originally created by Tatuone and is a medium sized urban map with a night theme and lots of roof based fighting. It has 11 player spawn points, plenty of weapons and uses all the original SiN textures.

Arena SMRTI (ver.2)

Arena SMRTI Screenshot Arena SMRTI Screenshot

The next map I worked on was a revision of the Arena SMRTI DM map which was originally created by Oracius. This was a map he made which was a remake of the Quake3 map Q3DM3 Arena of Death.
I have retextured it using the KPDM5 texture set and added lots more player spawn points (Oracius's map only had four). I also added more weapons, made a few minor structural changes and a few other fixes.

Mephistopholes Lair

Mephistopholes Lair Screenshot Mephistopholes Lair Screenshot

Mephistopholes Lair is dm a map converted from Quake2 which was originally created by Monster. It's a classic style Quake2 map, a sort of 'floating space' map, using all custom textures, some custom sounds and a custom sky as well.
It's got ample weapons and items (including two HMG's to cut down on camping the HMG lol), jumppads, deadly slime and just a warning to be careful because you can fall off the rocky edges ;)

Bigroom 2 (ver.2)

Bigroom 2 Screenshot Bigroom 2 Screenshot

This one is a revision of an old DM map called Bigroom 2 which was creatd by Deefa.
It's a small arena style map which features a centre structure, walkways and platforms all on different levels. There are platforms in each corner of the arena which move up to walkways which skirt the edge of the four walls. The structure in the middle of the map has a cooling mod in the middle of the lower section whilst up high is the HMG.
The map features ample wepons and items and 13 player spawn points.
The main changes I made are to improve the lighting, add more spawns, amend the weapon and item numbers and placement and to remove four superflous walls.

Out Cry

Out Cry Screenshot Out Cry Screenshot

Next I worked on a conversion from half-life called Out Cry. The map was originally created in hl by scary-1, an excellent hl mapper. This is a large dm map but has a very good multi level layout. The map contains several button triggered platforms leading to lots of weapons and items, it also contains a lift and many jump pads.The map uses all the original hl textures and has ample weapons and other items.

Crusader Revenge (ver.2)

Crusader Revenge Screenshot Crusader Revenge Screenshot

This one is a revision of the Crusader Revenge (or Krizakova Pomsta) dm map made by Oracius back in 2001. It is a very good map but only has four spawn points making it a problem when you play it with a good crowd in the servers. The map is based on a Quake3 Arena map called Q3Tourney4 (Vertical Vengeance).
In the revised version I have add 7 more spawns to make 11 all up, changed the weapon and item placement and added more of each. Plus a few other minor changes.


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