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Twilight's Last Gleaming

Twilight's Last Gleaming Screenshot Twilight's Last Gleaming Screenshot

Twilight's Last Gleaming is a medium/large sized, urban style, DM map for Kingpin. It has three main areas, consisting of a cityscape area, a basketball court and container storage area, and a train station. It uses mostly standard KP textures but there are some custom ones. There are sixteen player spawns and ample weapons and other items.

This is one of the maps I included in my MrDamage Mappack #2

Bazooka3 (ver.3)

Bazooka3 Screenshot Bazooka3 Screenshot

Bazooka3 is a small arena style map originally made by R@T_Shit. It has a main area with plenty of crates and boxes, some ledges around the sides of the map and a platform up high where a RL and tommygun is located. There is also a small alchove, where there is another RL and a GL, which you get to by teleporting. It was a very popular map in it's day but it had a major problem in that it only had one spawn point. A couple of years ago Ganthet[BC] did a quick fix and added some more spawn points, made the map lighter and did a few other things.
But it still had a few issues so I revised the map again and released the updated version. I fixed all the texture misalignments, changed the weapon/item numbers and placement, changed the lighting again and a few other miscellaneous fixes. There are now ten spawn points and the HMG is located on the top platform instead of the RL and tommy.

Hello City (ver.2)

Hello City (rev.2) Screenshot Hello City (rev.2) Screenshot

Next I updated the old Hello City map which was originally created by Senn. It is a medium sized, urban style, DM map with lots of different areas and rooms to frag in. The main differences with the updated version is that it is a lot lighter than the orginal and it now contains a cooling mod. There are other small changes as well.


Eviction Screenshot Eviction Screenshot

Eviction is a conversion to Kingpin of the Quake2 map by Yogi called Eviction Notice. Full credit goes to Yogi for creating the original map. It is in the classic Q2 deathmatch style but has a Kingpin flavour as many of the textures are stock KP ones giving it a gloomy-urban theme with a hint of industrial. It has a nice tight layout, 12 player spawns and enough weapons and items (no flamer though). It has a custom sky and some custom sounds and a few Q2 textures.

Tunnels (ver.2)

Tunnels screenshot Tunnels screenshot

This is a small arena style DM map which is an update of the Tunnels map which was made by Deefa. There is a main area containing a central tower & walkways which criss-cross the main area leading to outer rooms and corridors. If you fall from the walkways you will end up in the lava but you can run to the centre of the map where the tower has a ladder. Hope you like it :)

Widow Maker DM

Widow Maker screenshotWidow Maker screenshot

This is a deathmatch version of a Hitmen map called Widowmaker that was made by Evil Homer which was a partial conversion of a Quake2 map made by Ryan "Touchwood" Dobson. I thought it would make a nice little fragfest map in DM so thats what I did. I added weapons and other items, re-textured the map with all KP textures, added juniors for directional lighting and fixed one or two minor bugs.


GibCity3 screenshot GibCity3 screenshot

Gibcity3 is a large urban style deathmatch map which is a conversion of a Quake2 map which was made by Wayne W. Smith. It is a large cityscape with lots of buildings and also includes a big underground sewer area. The setting is in the evening and the map includes a custom night sky. The map has been mostly retextured for Kingpin and much of the map has been rebuilt. It has lots of weapons and other items and 16 spawn points.
Thanks go to Wayne Smith for giving his permission to convert his map to Kingpin. He has made several cityscape maps for Quake2, Daikatana & Half Life.

Entryway DM

Entryway DM screenshot Entryway DM screenshot

This is a map based on the Entryway Level from Doom2. This map was originally made for Quake2 by Hawkmoon as an enhanced version of the Doom2 Map01 - Entryway and then I converted it to Kingpin. If you've ever played Doom2 you'll know the map for sure. It uses all Doom2 textures, has a custom sky, and has ample weapons and other items. Thanks go to Hypov8 for a couple of good suggestions and for helping me sort out how to get the triggered platforms working properly in the map :)


Midnight screenshot Midnight screenshot

This is a conversion of the SiN DM level Midnight. It's a medium sized map set in a sort of bio-chemical plant. It uses all the original SiN textures and custom sky environemnt giving it a nice sort of official secret facility feel. It has ample weapons and items and one teleport. Not sure why this map was called Midnight though as the sky environemt looks like it is the middle of the day lol. This map took a couple of weeks to complete as it ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated.

Outer Base

Outer Base screenshot Outer Base screenshot

Outer Base is a conversion to Kingpin of the first Single Player map in Quake2. It's a medium sized map which, in Quake2, is set in a Strogg base that is being attacked. I have replaced most of the Q2 textures with KP ones and used a standard KP sky environment. It has ample weapons and items and should be fun for 6+ players.

Greystone Shuffle

Frag'N'Die2 screenshot Frag'N'Die2 screenshot

Greystone Shuffle is a medium sized DM map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of the Quake2 map by Shon "Maric" Shaffer, who is an excellent and prolific Quake2 mapper.
The map is mainly open with 2 levels. It uses mostly all KP textures, has a gothic type theme, and has ample weapons and other items.

Awakening to Danger

Awakening to Danger screenshot Awakening to Danger screenshot

Awakening to Danger is a large DM map for Kingpin. It is a another conversion of a Quake2 map by Shon "Maric" Shaffer (thanks to Maric for allowing the conversion to KP).
This is a multi levelled map, with both indoors and outdoor areas. It uses mostly KP textures, with a mixture of bricks and mortar and grass and rocks textures. It has heaps of weapons and other items and should be fun with 4 to 16 players.

Deep Blue Arena

Deep Blue Arena screenshot Deep Blue Arena screenshot

This is a small arena style DM map for Kingpin. It is a conversion of yet another Quake2 map by Shon "Maric" Shaffer.
Deep Blue Arena is set in an underwater base of some kind. It uses mostly custom textures, has 14 player spawns and has ample weapons and other items for a map of this size.

Fragfest3 (ver.2)

Fragfest3 screenshot Fragfest3 screenshot

After focusing on converting several Quake2 maps to KP over the previous couple of months I then turned my attention to revising a few older DM maps. This was a result of requests from people and also playing these older maps at the Detropolis server and finding out they had a few issues such as they didn't have enough spawn points.

I updated Fragfest3 (originally created by 420Mayhem because it only had a few spawn points and this was causing problems when playing with a crowd in the servers. When the map started people instantly lost a frag due to the unable to co-exist message. This occurs because the map doesn't have enough spawn points for all the players to spawn on different ones and hence the unable to co-exist problem.
So I decompiled the map and found it only had five player spawns. I incresed that number up to thirteen and also did a few other fixes. I changed some of the wall textures, added two billboard signs, removed two of the seven cooling mods (lol) and removed one of the three flamers. I added a backpack, adrenaline and one more tommy.

Chinatown Brawl (rev.2)

Chinatown Brawl screenshot Chinatown Brawl screenshot

Dantzer asked me to update the Chinatown Brawl map after playing it at the Detropolis server. It's a good map but had only four spawn points so it badly needed some more.
I added six spawns so the map now has 10. I also added a heap of clip brushes so you no longer get caught on edges and corners. I changed some of the weapon and item placement and numbers and tidied up some of the brushes and texturing. Chinatown Brawl is a small, claustrophobic map, with a tight layout which was created by Sgt. Pepper and Racer(BSE) back in 1999. It has one main area with a metal tower in the centre, also a sewer and some small areas and corridors connecting to the main area. If you've played KP for a while you will surely know this map :)

Tracks (ver.2)

Tracks screenshot Tracks screenshot

In 2000 [DKC]Angry Beaver released a beta of a map called Tracks-beta. As far as I know it was never taken out of beta and so I decided to update and finish it.
The map is a smallish DM map set in a train station. The map contains the station building, the platform, some other buildings, a back courtyard area and an underground passage. It has 10 player spawns and ample weapons and items.
The changes I made are adding more spawn points, changing the lighting and some of the texturing, changing the weapon and item amount and placement, adding a passageway between two rooms and fixing a problem with some window textures that 'flickered'.


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