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Crates In The Hood

Crates in the Hood Screenshot Crates in the Hood Screenshot

Crates In The Hood is a medium sized map set in a warehouse district full of crates and containers. It is a conversion of a Quake2 map by Shon Shaffer "Maric", one of the best and most prolific mappers for Quake2.
It has one main open area which contains several containers and boxes as well as number of warehouse buildings. The buildings have several sccessible rooms which contain even more crates. It is a multi level map and you can also access the roof. The map has ample weapons and other items. It uses many custom textures which fit right into the Kingpin theme, has a custom sky and includes custom sounds. Hypov8 also helped with the map, working on the lighting and helping with the r_speeds and general tweaking.

Rockvill (ver.2)

Rockvill Screenshot Rockvill Screenshot

A few years ago Cujo did a partial conversion to KP of a popular cs map and named it Rockvill. He re-textured it using what cs/hl textures were availble in KP at the time which gave it a whole new look and feel. After Pencho converted all the Half-Life textures to KP I decided to have a go at remaking the map using the original textures and sky. I also did some rebuilding of the map in a few places, changed the weapon and item placement, and added a couple of custom sounds. Hypov8 also helped out by doing the lighting for this map and other general tweaking.

-=UWILLC=- (Urban)

-=uwillc=- urban screenshot -=uwillc=- urban screenshot

This is an urban version of the -=UWILLC=- map which was made by TiCaL. Changes are:-
urban stlye textures
more player spawns
revised weapon and item placement and amounts
added a custom wav file

Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop screenshot Pawn Shop screenshot

In August of 2004 I did a conversion of the Pawn Shop DM map (nycdm3.bsp) from SoF. It's a small map in an urban street setting. There is a Pawn Shop in the middle of the map and there are lots of buildings around the edges. There are ledges and roofs you can climb up onto and there are lots of weapons, armour, ammo etc. Its pretty much a straight conversion, with a few small structural changes, some resizing of doorways, all the surface flags of the brushes had to be changed from the SoF values, and changed the lighting somewhat.

Urban Pawn Shop screenshot Urban Pawn Shop screenshot

Later the same year I also made a version that is more 'Kingpinish'which uses just about all standard KP textures giving it a nice urban look and feel. I named this version Urban Pawn Shop.

There is also a version that includes single player props for play with mods that support them such as Monkey Mod v1.60 & the KP2 mod. This version, called Urban Pawn Shop KP2 Style, has breakable items and doors, one dog guarding the HMG, some single player props such as a headless corps and it has heavy rain falling.


Frag'N'Die3 screenshot Frag'N'Die3 screenshot

I created another small fragfest map called Frag'n'Die3. The map is set in a small courtyard with a two story building in the middle. The courtyard has minor weapons (pistol mods, crowbars and shotguns), the first level of the building has shotties, tommies and a rocket launcher while the top level contains the HMG
With 4 - 8 people this should be a fun map. It has 10 spawn points and uses all standard KP textures except a couple. Don't camp the HMG too long though or you will get a nasty surprise :D

The Lumber Yard

The Lumber Yard screenshot The Lumber Yard screenshot

The Lumber Yard is a medium sized DM map which is a conversion of the ActionQuake2 map by Brent "WetWired" Waller. This map is set in a lumberyard with an indoor wood processing area, which contains a working conveyor belt and circular saw, and an open area outside where there is lots of lumber waiting to be shipped. You can also access the rooftops by climbing up the drainpipes and the piles of woodchips. The map has ample weapons and other items and should be a lot of fun with 6 - 8 people.
My thanks go to WetWired for giving permission to convert this map to Kingpin and of course to Hypo_v8 who got the conveyor belt working in KP and for other miscellaneous tweaks :)

The Last Christmas

Downtown screenshot Downtown screenshot

In December of 2004 I made a Christmas version of The Last Sunrise which was a map made by Fredbbear, with some help from me. Originally Fredb was going to do it but he was too busy at the time. Anyway it's a small deathmatch map set in and around a sort of fort like structure with a courtyard in the centre. There is a frozen well in the centre of the courtyard where you will find the cooling mod. There is some Christmas music playing, some presents for the best fraggers :) and plenty of weapons and other items.


Carnage screenshot Carnage screenshot

Carnage is a map I converted from Q2.The original Q2 Map was created by Poopy. It is a large Q2 style map that uses mostly Kingpin textures but with a few Q2 ones as well. It has multi levels, lots of machinery textures and a couple of slime pools. It has 14 spawn points and ample weapons and items. I also used a a custom sky in this map.

Dodo's Turf

Dodo's Turf screenshot Dodo's Turf screenshot

Dodo's Turf is a map I made after a request from a fellow KP'er. It's a small, urban style arena map with plenty of weapons and other items. It's also the fourth map in the Frag'n'Die series. Apart from three small rooms all the action takes place outside in the courtyard area. You can climb up to a room containing the HMG and also get up onto the ledges surrounding the courtyard. It has twelve spawns and should be good for 2 - 16 players.

Bunkers'N'Blood (ver.2)

Bunkers'N'Blood ver.V2 screenshot Bunkers'N'Blood ver.2 screenshot

In Febuary of 2005 I updated a very old dm map for Kingpin which was called Bunkers'N'Blood and was created by [THC]Bun.
In the new version I totally redid the lighting, weapon placement, texturing, spawn points and I changed a little of the layout to give the map a better flow. I added another corridor that connects the two main areas, changed the two main bunkers so you can run right around both of them, removed the secret area, enlarged and moved the entries to the lower corridor area and made a few other miscellaneous changes.

Warehouse District (ver.2)

Warehouse District 2 screenshot Warehouse District 2 screenshot

This is an update to the Warehouse District map which had been made by .:lil:. and me.
Warehouse District 2 is a medium sized map with a main outside area with several corridors leading off to many inside rooms and fragging areas. The changes from the original map are that the main area has been changed a lot because originally it was a large inside area and now it has been changed to outside, one new room has been added and many smaller layout chages have been made. Some of the spawn points have been moved around as has some of the weapon/item placements.

There is also a version that includes single player props for play with mods that support them such as Monkey Mod v1.60 & the KP2 mod. This version is basically the same map with a few rats added, its raining outside, several single player props have been included and there are some small crates that can be shot up. I also got to use Lizzie's head in a map :)

Subway Chaos

Subway Chaos Screenshot Subway Chaos Screenshot

Subway Chaos was a map left unfinished by [Beer]Bud Ice. There was a DM version and a Power Mod version included with all the Power files given to Captain Death when he became the coder for that mod. The maps were left unfinished until we started work on the Power2 Mod. Then myself and Hypo_v8 finished a Power2 version of the map and included it in the initial release of the Power2 mod.
Then I released a DM and a KP2 Mod version of the map which are both included in the one zipfile.
Subway Chaos is a map set in a subway and out on the street above. Its a medium sized map which uses all SoF textures and has ample weapons and other items. It's a very good looking map which is why we decided to complete it. The KP2 mod version has weather effects added, dogs, single player props etc.


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