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Dogpound (ver.2)

Dogpound Dogpound

Way back in 2001 Cujo released a conversion of a Half Life DM map called Dogpound which had been made by James Sheibal. Cujo kept that Half Life feel by using HL textures. I liked the map and thought it would look good in an Urban style setting. After speaking to Cujo I decided to go ahead and do it. I totally retextured it, added some standard KP props (fire barrels, boxes, shelves etc), changed the weapon, item, armour placement, added another stairwell, and removed all the spawn points from the top floor where the HMG and RL are but added more to the other two levels :) The Dogpound map is a three levelled arena style map. I have made it so the shotty and tommy are on the ground floor with half armour, the middle level has the same weapons and the GL as well but no armour and the top floor has the HMG, RL and full armour >:)

Circle of Death (ver.2)

Circle of Death 2 Circle of Death 2

This is a remake of a map made by {PMV]Thief which was called Circle of Death. The original map used mainly wood textures but the remake uses mainly brick and concrete textures. Other than totally re-texturing it, I added several new areas, new sounds, and added more weapons and items. It's still a smallish map but it now has 12 spawn points.

Ball (ver.2)

Ball ver2 Ball ver2

This is a remake of an old DM map called Ball which I believe was created by RedWormCharlie. It is a small/medium DM map with a sewer area circling around a central room. There are two entrances from the sewer to the central room area. The original had only one texture and was very dark because all the lights constanly flashed on and off.

In the new version I made the following changes:-
totally re-textured it using the 1984 style Jackboot map textures
changed all the lighting and no lights now flash off/on
added more spawn points to make a total of 16
added another small room
changed the weapon placement and added more weapons
added armour/health and pistol mods
added a custom sound of one of my favourite bands

4 Room SoF

4 Room SoF 4 Room SoF

This is an update of the old 4 Room map. The map has been totally retextured using both SoF and SoF2 textures. Other changes are:-

added 2 more spawn points
changed the weapon and item placement and selection
made the corridors wider between the rooms
changed the lighting
added sounds
miscellaneous other fixes

Kingpin City

Kingpin City Kingpin City

Kingpin City is a conversion of an Action Quake2 map which had been made by The Riddler. I contacted him for permission and he was more than happy to have it converted to Kingpin. One of the reasons I liked it is because he had used Kingpin textures converted to Quake2 :)
Its a cityscape style map and I have made it dark and dirty to fit the Kingpin style and feel. The map has 16 spawn points and will be good for 4 - 16 players. I want to thank Hypov8 for helping with the lighting and pushing me to make the best map possible. The action takes place in the streets and on the rooftops. The r_speeds in the streets are good but on the rooftops they reach just over 1000 in a couple of places (due to the openess of the map). I think this is a very good map conversion and I hope you enjoy it =)


Bosnia screenshot Bosnia screenshot

Bosnia is a conversion of a SoF map which had been made by Turbo. I contacted him for permission and he was happy to have it converted to Kingpin. Its a small to medium sized map set in a Bosnian village during the recent war there. The village is right in the middle of the warzone as is evident by the bombed out buildings and the sounds of a battle in the background. I have used a combination of the original SoF textures and Kingpin textures and included the origiinal custom sky and custom sounds. It has 16 spawn points and a good amount of weapons, armour and other items.

Space Checkmate

Space Checkmate screenshot Space Checkamte screenshot

Space Checkmate is a low gravity space map with three levels, each level smaller than the one below it. Jump to the top level to get to the HMG and mod. I used Willdeharp The Ender's Checkmate map as a base to build this map.

Suicide Arena (final)

Suicide Arena Screenshot Suicide Arena screenshot

I always liked the Suicide Arena map that Cujo converted to Kingpin. It reminded my of one of my favourite Quake3 maps called Stairway to Heaven so I decided to re-texture it using Quake3 textures. Details of the changes are:-

added 8 spawn points to bring total to 16
updated weapon/item placement and selection
changed lighting
totally re-textured using Quake3 textures


Sydney screenshot Sydney screenshot

This is a map made by Gimp for the abandoned SRT-Alpha mod. The map is called Sydney CBD Fringes and was left, unfinished, in a zipfile until I found it and thought it was such a good looking map that I would try to finish it. The thing that makes this map for me is the high quality custom textures. They give the player the feeling of being in the old section of Sydney Australia.
It is a small/medium sized cityscape map using mostly custom textures. The things that I did to finish the map are, adding weapons, ammo and other items, removed the SRT-Alpha entities, added an alleyway to help the flow of the map, closed off a couple of areas that were deadends, reduced the size of many of the custom textures, removed some of the custom sounds and replaced them with similar default sounds added a custom sky and miscellaneous other fixes. It has 16 spawn points and should be a good map for 4 - 16 people.

Warehouse of Torment (ver.2)

Warehouse of Torment 2 screenshot Warehouse of Torment 2 screenshot

This one is a remake of the Warehouse of Torment map which was made by Verbatim. It is a small Warehouse style map and the changes in version2 are:-
fixed texture misalignments on some of the crates
added lighting to areas that were previously completely dark
added several more spawn points to make the total 16 spawns
corrected the spelling of the cooling mod so it shows up in the map now
revised the weapon & item placement, adding some & removing some existing ones.
removed the secret room
other miscellaneous fixes

Spanish Village

Spanish Village screenshot Spanish Village screenshot

Hypov8 and me did a conversion to Kingpin of the counter-strike map Spanish Village. This is a large map and the conversion uses all the original cs textures and the custom sky. It is set in a Spanish Village and features a large arena for Bull fights. Action takes place in the village streets and also below ground in the sewer. It has 16 spawn points, ample weapons and other items, and a personal touch by Hypov8 :)


U2 screenshot U2 screenshot

This is a small, classic style, DM map converted from Quake2. The original was made by Lars "SLiTTER" Gutkind and I thank Lars for giving permisison to convert his map to Kingpin. Its a simple designed, fast paced map, with ample weapons and other items. It has two main little buildings connected by corridors, several bunches of crates located in the outside areas of the map, and it also includes a teleport.

A friend asked me to make him a map with just the HMG and RL so I made a version of this map with just those weapons and have also included it in the zipfile. This version of the map is named u2_rlhmg.bsp.


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