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The Black Realm

wolfendm3 Screenshot wolfendm3 Screenshot

After I converted the Claustrophobic Edge map by sst13 I showed him some screenshots. He was impressed and sent me another of his Quake maps to convert to Kingpin.

This one is called The Black Realm and is a small gothic style death match map. It is a one room map that contains several columns and wall torches, uses minimal textures and has 10 player spawns.

The map has the rocket launcher, tommy gun, shotgun, HMG and pistol mods. It has one set of armour and seven small health packs.

Street DM

wolfendm3 Screenshot wolfendm3 Screenshot

Mr.Goodfinger and I have collaborated on a new death match map called Street DM.

Street DM is a medium sized death match map where the setting is an urban street and also inside some of the buildings.

It uses all custom textures so looks quite unique in Kingpin. It has 14 player spawns and ample weapons and items.

It utilises some parts of maps from Mr.Goodfingers upcoming single player mission Street Revenge and also some new areas.

The Stack 2019

wolfendm3 Screenshot wolfendm3 Screenshot

The Stack 2019 is a remake of an old N64 Goldeneye Map The Stack. It was originally remade for Kingpin as TheStack by UnForgiven.

The original map had no juniors (for directional lighting) and only a few player spawns. So I remade it adding juniors, more player spawns and remaking some of the areas.

Big Room 2019

Big Room Screenshot Big Room Screenshot

I have updated the very old Bigroom map that was made by Deefa as the old map had a few issues. The new map is called Bigroom 2019.

I added more player spawn points and fixed the exisitng ones so you don't spawn facing the wall.
I changed the stairs and middle elevated room so they are both much easier to manoeuvre.
I also made a few weapon/item placement changes and did some minor texture changes and architectural changes.

Just unzip/extract the files to your kingpin folder and they will be placed in the correct locations.


DM-1 DM-2 DM-3 DM-4 DM-5 DM-6 DM-7 DM-8 DM-9 DM-10 BM-1 BM-2 Other Mods-1
Map Packs-1 Map Packs-2