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Team AK Colt 2017

Team Bloodcity Screenshot Team Bloodcity Screenshot

I have revised the Bagman map called Team AK Colt after people complained about the lighting when we played it recently.

I have fixed the directional lighting issue (juniors).
Removed the actual team safes so you just deposit your money in the safe bag.
Fixed some texture misalignments.
Added pistol mods, the backpack and adrenaline.
Slightly revised the weapon and item placement and numbers.
Made the map slightly smaller so when standing at one end of the map you can now see the other end.

Team AK Colt 2017 is a small, simply layed out, Bagman map that is fast and furious action all the way :)

Team Death Room

Team Money Machine Screenshot Team Money Machine Screenshot

This is a map based on the Death Room map from the game Combat Arms. It's a small map set in an abandoned secret facility.

Everything is close and compact in Team Death Room, passages are narrow, and the entire map is relatively small. Basically, the map consists of two rooms, each serving as the base for one team, separated by a corridor with two automatic doors and a hallway running above the corridor. The uppper hallway can be accessed by climbing a set of stairs in each room. There are also two side hallways between the two bases.

Hypov8 was a big help with this map. He made the automatic doors and the centre corridor, the custom team wall textures and helped with the lighting.

Team Sois

Team Keypoint Screenshot Team Keypoint Screenshot

Macanah gave me one of his Quake 2 maps to convert to Kingpin. I ended up rebuilding it from scratch :)

It is a medium sized Bagman map which utilises mainly custom textures from the Kamikaze texture set.

The are four ways to get to the enemy base - through the centre room (where the money drop is), two side rooms or an upper level room.

There are ample weapons and items and can easily handle a large crowd.

Team Combat

Team Long Live The King Screenshot Team Long Live The King Screenshot

Team Combat is a smallish Bagman map set in an old war torn village. The map contains four bombed out buildings, two on either side of a river which dissects the map through the middle. There are also two army vehicles included.

The money drop is on the bridge that crosses the river. The team's bases are in two of the bombed out buildings.

There are plenty of weapons and other items and two of the buildings contain old style radios that play two old songs.

Thanks to Hypov8 for working on the lighting and sunlight in the map.

Team Subway Mayhem

Team Junk Flea Screenshot Team Junk Flea Screenshot

Many years ago [YFS]Mayhem worked on a map for the Colors CTF mod that was called Subway Mayhem CTF. He also made a Bagman version but never released it. Recently he gave me the map source file and after updating/changing a few thing I have released the map as Team Subway Mayhem.

Team Subway Mayhem is a small to medium sized Bagman map. The two team's bases are subway stations. There is a small middle section which is a labrinth of tunnels and sewers where there are two money drops located (cash wads).

There are ample weapons and items and also two moving trains that need to be avoided :)

Urban Fury

Team Junk Flea Screenshot Team Junk Flea Screenshot

I have released a new Bagman map called Urban Fury.

Urban Fury is a large, urban style, Bagman map. It is a remake of Team Big Town (team_dmg3). Team Big Town is a very large map so I made it somewhat smaller and did some redesign of the layout to compensate for the changes.

The map is set in an decaying, urban city, environment. The Team bases are made up of many buildings, streets and intersecting passageways. The bases are separated by a train station in the middle of the map where the money drops are. I put two money drops in this map.

The map uses mostly standard textures but there are a few custom textures featured. Most of the graffiti textures are made by Roarke. There are also several custom sounds included. There is a small cache of weapons and items at each base but mostly they are spread throughout the map.

Hypov8 also helped with the map.

Team Winter's Edge 2018

Team Winter's Edge 2016 Screenshot Team Winter's Edge 2016 Screenshot

I have revised the Bagman Map called Team Winter's Edge which was made by Stigma.
This map had an issue with the downloadable custom sky, some spawn points, junior lighting, and the middle area of the map.
I have fixed the bugs and made a few other revisions of the map and released an updated version called Team Wnter's Edge 2018.

This is a small Bagman map set during the Winter season. The ground is covered with snow and there are some Winter themed textures such as the snow covered trees that surround the map.
The map also features a custom sky, that is downloadable from servers, and it is snowing.
It has two money drops which are the cash rolls.

Team F*cked 2018

Team Fucked Screenshot Team Fucked Screenshot

I have updated the old team_fucked_b1 map that was made by AB|Mike.

The main change is that I have added Juniors to the map for players who use directional lighting. So now the players and weapons wont appear dark.

I also changed the two small rooms behind the safe bags to one larger room and I removed the grenade launcher from the map and the rocket launchers from the two small spawn rooms.

Plus I added wooden platforms up to the tops of the crates so its easier to get to where the armour is and I also made various other little fixes and changes.

It's a smallish frantic Bagman map that is very popular.

Just unzip/extract the files to your Kingpin folder.

Team Immortal Combat

Team Fucked Screenshot Team Fucked Screenshot

Team Immortal Combat, is a small sized Bagman map. It is a remake of the death match map Immortal Combat 2018.

The team's bases are fairly spacious and contain two small weapon rooms. The middle section of the map is a small open area with walk ways that lead up to a platform with the money drop and side platforms with armour and ammo.

There are also two side passages that lead to the middle section or to the other Team's base.

The map uses a mixture of standard textures and custom textures. There are ample weapons and items throughout the map.


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